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Ibanez 2351 – Pre Serial 1972 – 1973

1972 - 1973

Have owned for 30 years an Ibanez Vintage Model 2351 Gold Top. Bolt on neck pre-serial number made in Japan with Gibson replica headstock 1972 ….I think. Recently serviced, plays very nice.

Ibanez Unknown Firebird Non-Reverse Replica (Greco FB900-ish)


This is a guitar you don’t see every day. This is an unknown model Ibanez, a replica of the Firebird.  

2454 – Gibson 335TD Copy


This is an Ibanez model 2454. She’s a replica of the Gibson 335TD Jazz guitar. This guitar is a pre-serial model with an Open Book headstock and block position markers. She’s got a Set neck and two Super70s. Note there’s… Continue Reading →

2368 – Tele Thinline Replica


This is an Ibanez 2368, a replica of the Tele Thinline. This is the model with the single-coil pickups (the 2384 being the Thinline Tele with big bumbucker-style pickups). She’s all original, and in a perfect condition apart from the… Continue Reading →



This is an Ibanez 2386, a Set-neck version of the Les Paul replica. The basic construction is the same way as the bolt-on Les Paul replicas, i.e. 2 layers of 11 pieces of bent plywood, forming a very sturdy ‘pancake’… Continue Reading →

2399 DX


This is an Ibanez 2399 DX, a replica of the Gibson L5S.

Unknown 1967 semi-hollow stereo Jazz guitar


This lady is as mysterious as she is beautiful. I have seen about four of these with a metal Ibanez logo before, but never one in such great shape and with a ‘paint-on’ logo like Ibanez did in the transition… Continue Reading →

2375 – 1974 Strat Copy


The 2375 was Ibanez’ Stratocaster copy model and beneath the 2350 LP copy probably one of the best selling models in the early to mid 70s. It doesn’t have a serial number so it’s built before mid 75 when Ibanez… Continue Reading →

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