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Ibanez as 200 artist 1981


signed by John Scofield On the concert at Leuven Belgium on Mars 2023

Unknown Stereo Semi-Hollow, no label


I got hold of this guitar quite some time ago. Since it had no label, I was always wondering what it is – now Leo enlightened me 🙂 The original bridge is still missing an I used something I had… Continue Reading →

AM-255, AM255 AV Stagemaster / Artist – 1983


Every guitar has its story – and this is the partially sad one of this Ibanez Artist Stagemaster AM255 AV, built in October 1983. Last Thursday in August 2020, I was one of the first – or even the first… Continue Reading →

2630 Artist Semi Acoustic – 1979


This is my ’79 Artist 2630 semi acoustic model. I wouldn’t call it a copy at all but from the construction & concept it’s close to the Gibson ES-335. Although it is a semi acoustic it gives you a wide… Continue Reading →

2467 WN


This is the Ibanez 2467 WN (for “Walnut”). This is the only example I have ever seen of this model, and I feel lucky to own it. She’s a replica of the Gibson ES345. The 2467 has a 6-way selector… Continue Reading →

2454 – Gibson 335TD Copy


This is an Ibanez model 2454. She’s a replica of the Gibson 335TD Jazz guitar. This guitar is a pre-serial model with an Open Book headstock and block position markers. She’s got a Set neck and two Super70s. Note there’s… Continue Reading →

Unknown 1967 semi-hollow stereo Jazz guitar


This lady is as mysterious as she is beautiful. I have seen about four of these with a metal Ibanez logo before, but never one in such great shape and with a ‘paint-on’ logo like Ibanez did in the transition… Continue Reading →

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