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Ibanez 2351 – 1976 Les Paul Replica


1976 Ibanez Model 2351 LP Standard in great overall condition. Normal light wear with the most wear evident on the back control cavity cover. Loaded with the original Super 70s pickups. All original hardware.  

Performer Reissue 1994 MIK


The Performer series was one of Ibanez’ answers to the so called “Lawsuit”. They not only gave the copy models like the 2350 a new Guild like headstock. Hoshino also stopped production of the copy models – even if they… Continue Reading →

Roadstar II – RS225 BY


The Roadstar II series followed the Ibanez Blazer series and was introduced in 1983. While the Blazers still were more inspired by the Fender Stratocaster (I call my BL550s “The better Strats” 😉 ) the Roadstars were available in a… Continue Reading →

2454 – Gibson 335TD Copy


This is an Ibanez model 2454. She’s a replica of the Gibson 335TD Jazz guitar. This guitar is a pre-serial model with an Open Book headstock and block position markers. She’s got a Set neck and two Super70s. Note there’s… Continue Reading →



This is an Ibanez 2386, a Set-neck version of the Les Paul replica. The basic construction is the same way as the bolt-on Les Paul replicas, i.e. 2 layers of 11 pieces of bent plywood, forming a very sturdy ‘pancake’… Continue Reading →

2675 Professional – 1978


  This is an Ibanez 2675, one of the most sought-after Vintage Ibanezzes. This one is rather special and one of the latest ones built, because she already has the BLOCK logo on the headstock and the pick guard. I… Continue Reading →

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